Victims of Human Sex Trafficking

Victims of Human Sex Trafficking Attorney – Tacoma, Washington

Press release: settles Sex trafficking lawsuit→ 

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The Film - I am Jane Doe

The Film – I am Jane Doe

I Am Jane Doe opened February 10th in select AMC Theaters including Seattle

Erik is proud of his work fighting child sex trafficking, which is included in the film I Am Jane Doe chronicling the battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters who were victims of sex-trafficking on

Visit their website,, for links to the theaters.

Child Victims

Erik and Faith are honored and humbled by this message from John Walsh. We, our team of attorneys and support personnel, will continue the fight against until they stop the victimization of children.

Human Sex Trafficking in Our Backyards

Most don’t realize that sex trafficking is a huge problem in America.
Whether on the street or on the internet, thousands of children each day become helpless victims.

Mr. Bauer believes that the protection of children should be the highest priority, both in the legislature and in the judicial system. Oftentimes, victims of sex trafficking are charged with crimes (like prostitution) and released from custody back into the greedy controlling arms of their traffickers, never to be seen or heard from again. Erik Bauer is currently involved in a nation-wide precedent setting case on behalf of several minor girls who were trafficked on, the nation’s largest human trafficking website.

UPDATE: Washington Supreme Court Agrees With Erik Bauer

The Washington State Supreme Court agreed with Erik Bauer; victims of sex trafficking sold through the nation’s largest human trafficking website,, should be allowed to sue the website because it helped facilitate and produce illegal content. This precedent-setting ruling will ripple across the nation and Erik Bauer is ready for the fight.

News Coverage of Precedent Setting Ruling

  1. State Supreme Court rules against Backpage over online sex trafficking
  2. Backpage gets day in court to explain its sex market
  3. State high court rules teens can sue over sex-trafficking
  4. Court Allows Sex Trafficking Victims To Sue Classifieds Site

It has been a long fight

Mr. Bauer has traveled the nation, meeting with victims, hearing their stories, and training others how to recognize the seriousness of child sex trafficking. He understands that victims need a voice, guidance towards a brighter future, and hope that their traffickers, and websites like, will be held accountable for the abuse they have suffered.
Below are links to other organizations that support us in holding backpage accountable for facilitating the sexual exploitation of children for profit.

Amicus Briefs in Support of Child Respondents
– friend of the court documents!

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